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I Woke Up On The Hell Side Of Bed

I Woke Up On The Hell Side Of Bed

[4/12 of Christmas in July]

Falling in 3/4 Time 

The wheels on the bus go round and round, but only if you remember to pay for your heroine, he thought, as the precariously placed pins pierced his tires, sending the bus careening toward oncoming traffic.

If You Want Something, You Have to Earn It

When he looked at his daughter’s tear-splattered face he didn’t see disappointment, necessarily, but…

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Craiglist Ad #3452, 2000 Buick Regal, mint condition, asker’s price 

Craiglist Ad #3452, 2000 Buick Regal, mint condition, asker’s price

[3/12: Part of Christmas in July]

Has anyone ever told you your spirit animal is a crow? Maybe a black bear? Well this is the car for you. Weighing in at much more than all the other cars on the road, this Regal will get you where you need to go and QUICK because everyone will pull over, thinking you’re a cop.

The Buick will become a staple of your life. Whether you are sliding down unplowed…

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Falling Off the Horse Only Counts If You’ve Ever Been On A Horse

[Post 2/12 for Christmas in July]

The first poem I ever wrote was about

Columbine, the shooting. It was a sonnet, in the style of

Shakespeare and his friends.

The last line was “freedom is not free” and I wonder if


and his friends

ever thought that, in 2007,

a Caucasian

middle schooler

terrified of guns would use their

strict structure & pre-destined

rhyme scheme to describe an…

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Forward Thinking IMG_1602

[Part 1/12 of Christmas in July]

The path I walk on leads through a vast, open field, usually inhabited by geese that I have to tip-toe around as to not infuriate them into attacking my exposed limbs. They aren’t here today, probably because Super Size Me droplets of water are falling still from earlier popup storms.

As I leap over a puddle, my body paralyzes, tingles, strangles — like someone is…

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Christmas In July Prompts (Week 2) (July 6-12)

Hey, welcome to Christmas in July! Sorry for the silence since I first posted- I’ve been Big Fat Greek Wedding-ing it the past couple days in New York. Actually I’m still here, follow #BigFatGreekWedding tonight on twitter to see just my tweets.

Anyways: here are your writing prompts for the first batch of stuff. These are not required, there is really no length requirements unless noted, any…

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